Sunflower Field at Colby Farms


As we set the ball rolling for the school year, what was a better way to end the week with visiting a sunflower field.  I missed this stunning view last year because of the rain and we could not fit into our schedule.  This year I kept checking the Colby Farms’ website for announcement when these beauties were in full bloom.  Last weekend we made it here.  Oh mine!  It was satisfying.  I can look at these pictures throughout the year as a vehicle to rejuvenate and energize my body and spirit.  Now that Evan and Landon are older, our week is much more busier than before with activities.


I am taking two classes this semester.  What I am happy about is both courses do not require any textbooks.  The reading materials are posted online.  My first class was last Tuesday and the syllabi appear to be manageable.


The Kids

Ethan:  He started football.  Last weekend was his second game.  Of all sports he played, this is the only one that I see him hustling on the field.  The first quarter he got a touchdown for his team.  The fourth quarter he got hurt by a tackle, an opponent helmet landed on his right calve.

A mom sat next to me on the bench at the game commented that her son played last year and decided not to play this year and she was so happy.    I am so glad to see Ethan passionate about his games but at the same time I am so worry.

I explained it to him.  He doesn’t know the extent of it when injury happens.  We are taking one day at a time.


Evan:  This year Evan started with flag football.  He is enjoying it.  He has no trouble socializing on and off the field.  We just have to be on top with his French readings.  That boy keeps asking for a 1/2 school day.

Landon:  He is in kindergarten and this year he is joining his two older brothers.  He is mature and still is very picky with his clothing.  Those hand-me-downs from his brothers most of them he would not wear.  He picks a few and rotates from there.  Landon has soccer and taewondo.

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James: I love when James calls me “Mẹ”.  If I pretend that I’m hurt, he would say “ôm” (hug).  He is talking more now, able to converse to get what he wanted like shoes, outside, more, hết rồi (done with milk), eat, drink,etc.  It is a lot harder to get out of the house with James crying to tag along.  He would  ask for Jacket and shoes when he saw his brothers put on jackets and backpacks.  Time sure goes fast.  James will be two next month.


Similar to others, Thanh and I fight and make up.  Now think about it, we fought on silliest things.  I am constantly reminded myself that this blog will not take precedence before my family time.  If I can incorporate in my lifestyle, that’s great, but not necessary.  I promise not to pick fight and work on the communication part.

We ended our weekend on a high note preparing for a week ahead.  The flower field was so mesmerizing. One could not help but smile broadly and appears as youthful and bright as those sunflowers 🌻.

Hoping your coming week as bright and cheerful as these beauties💕

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