Small Life Tweaks



Each one of us has a way to bring joy into our own life.  I am easily forgetful, so this blogging is making me happy because I can collect moments and put them here.  Recently, I just tweaked my daily ritual to include these three small things in my lifestyle.  I think they will make a better ME.

1.  Drink a glass of water right after waking up in the morning.

2.  Substitute coffee for matcha powder.

3.  Do more yoga flows.

I just started number 1 yesterday and I will keep going until it becomes a habit.  I have heard of its benefit before, but ignored the important of it.  Water is always good for the body.  It makes more sense to me now that I know that my body gets dehydrated after 6-8 hours of sleep.

I substituted a cappuccino for an ice matcha latte every morning, mostly because of its cost.  I was thinking I could save at least $30 per month.  Plus, matcha has healthy benefits such as antioxidants and cancer fighting properties, so why not?  I make it myself at work.  Pretty easy.  Ice cubes, almond milk, and matcha powder mix together.  I like to drink hot, but it was difficult to get the powder to incorporate with the milk so now I am drinking it with ice instead.  Maybe in the winter time I will drink hot again.  I love it, but sometimes I can’t resist the smell of ground coffee, and yearning for a cup of Italian espresso or a cappuccino.

Thanks to Asana Rebel app.  I have done more yoga flows.  Even 5 minutes session feels good.

The Kids

Ethan: His eyes got teary when I got home from work yesterday.  He could not go to his first football practice.  Our paperwork was not completed.  He has been asking and waiting patiently for the football season to start.  This kid was pretty excited today.  Practice is 5:30-7:30 M-R.

Landon: He likes his summer camp.  He talked about it when he got home.  We just handed down Evan’s bike to him with installed the support wheels.  Landon was excited and practice on his own.  I hope by next summer he will be able to bike on trail with us.

Evan: His two front teeth are coming in.  He was looking unattractive at first.  We are getting used to his missing teeth face now.  My mom said Evan’s face looks like me when I missed my teeth, urg Ugly.

James: He is repeating more what I asked him to say now.  He can say on his own like Ba (DAD), đi (Go), giầy (shoes), hấu (watermelon), đá(ice), ngoại (grandpa), năm (uncle 5).  He can repeat A, B, C, D, E, F clearly, but he could not say “Mẹ” or “mommy” or even “mama”.  He says “mum mum” (eat) instead.  Last weekend I hope I am not imagining that he said “Mẹ” when he was looking for me.  I have not heard anymore of it to confirm.


We just discovered the newly bike trail, Neponset River Greenway.  It opened this year in May.  It connects from Dorchester to Mattapan to Milton.  We passed through two beautiful bridges and a pleasant pathway.  We hope to venture out to a longer trail this summer, and if not the Neponset pathway is enough satisfying.


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