Quick Styling Tips


Long before, I used to change my outfits at least one or twice times in the morning before leaving for work even though I put out an outfit the night before.  I had a pleasure playing fashion sessions with things in my closet.  Not nowadays, it is all about Go-and-Go.   I no longer plan out my outfit because I know my mood would change by the morning.  And today, this website is my fashion playground🙀.  Here are my tips for quick dressings, see if you agree with me:

  1. Pick A Focus Item.  Let says I want to wear a Gingham top today.

  2. Detail Your Outfit: What else can go with it? Am I in the mood for jeans, pant, or skirt?  Like here I decided to wear jeans with nude heels and tuck in instead of letting loose to make it cool 😎.

  3. Finesse With Accessories.  If it is a plain outfit I like to flash it with bold earrings or statement sunglasses.  If it is busy like a floral dress, I will just wear it with a simple necklace. I don’t owe a lot of bags.  I’m minimal in that department 😉

So, what do you think? Are you like me out of the door in 20-30 minutes?

And Gingham is so cute for the summer, have you owned any?

{Top: A&F.  Sold out.  Similar here, here, here. Jeans: H&M}


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