Polka Dot and Sunflower


“There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.”- Marc Jacobs.

I felt like a French girl.  This H&M’s dress could be last season.  I got it on the clearance rack in store for $10.  This pair of platform sandals I picked up at Target for $17.99.  Neither of them are available online, but you can find similar styles ranging in prices at the end of this post.

Motherhood has taken a toll on me physically.  One thing I have been struggled with is my hair.  During pregnancy my hair was all full and shine and everything went down hill after six months from the time my babies were born.   It usually takes me two years to fully recover.   James will be two in October and my hair has yet grown back to normal.

Currently I am taking daily multi-vitamin, but I am asking myself whether I should take additional vitamins that are specialized in nails and hair.  I read up that this hair shredding after pregnancy is normal.  A few of my friends got lucky and they did not lose much hair at all.  Did it happen to you?  Do you have any successes booting your hair growth to restore your beautiful locks?


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