Maxi Skirting into Fall


In my line of work, I encounter people that are less fortunate than I am everyday.  Yesterday two situations that hit me the most were a mom bailing her son out of trouble after he was in and out of jail.  The expression on her face stayed with me, sad and sorrowful.  I thought of my sons and of being in her shoes.  I sympathized with her suffering.  Whose mothers wouldn’t want their sons to be great?

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Knit Top/Satin Skirt


Mid-July while the weather is heating up and summer starts in full swing, retailers begin issue out their fall pieces.  Do you know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  Well, I know it because I like shopping and get an alert about it.  This year, Nordstrom ran for 3 weeks and it seemed every fashion bloggers talking about the Anniversary Sale and their picks.   People were snatching up fall pieces at about 40% discount.  My wallet, of course, didn’t allow me to follow suit, but it was so tempting.

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Back To School Primark


Are you preparing for back to school?  The summer just flew by, isn’t it?  We are two weeks away from the start of the school year here in Boston.  This year we have not yet dipped out feet into the sand locally.  The weather has been weird, some like fall days, and it has never gotten hot enough.  Hopefully, we will have a chance for the remaining of August.

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One and Done Summer White


When you have 10 to 15 minutes to get ready with your little one playing with your makeup, spilling hand soap on the counter, and toying with the toilet paper, you just want to pull on something quick and tend your little, otherwise the mess is not going end.

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Small Life Tweaks



Each one of us has a way to bring joy into our own life.  I am easily forgetful, so this blogging is making me happy because I can collect moments and put them here.  Recently, I just tweaked my daily ritual to include these three small things in my lifestyle.  I think they will make a better ME.

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Cold Shoulder Flare


I love vacationing in August because I get to scoop up nice dresses for less than half of the original prices.  It is a time that they are more affordable to me.  Of course, there are drawbacks like limited sizes and final sales, so I think twice about my picks.

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Femme Me Romper


It is the way we do shopping now, online with a few pop-up shops to get to know the brand.

Femme Boutique Boston is a local and online boutique carrying fun, feminine, and flirty pieces located in Middleton, Massachusetts.  You can shop its unique clothing and accessories online or feel the materials in-store in Middleton.  It just added two pop-up shops in Wenham and Salem.

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“Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”
Shannon L. Alder


We had our family vacation when the kids ended their school year.  Once a year, we tried to have a getaway with our parents and my sister’s family so that the boys can play with their cousins and grandparents can enjoy quality times with the grandchildren.

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Polka Dot and Sunflower


“There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.”- Marc Jacobs.

I felt like a French girl.  This H&M’s dress could be last season.  I got it on the clearance rack in store for $10.  This pair of platform sandals I picked up at Target for $17.99.  Neither of them are available online, but you can find similar styles ranging in prices at the end of this post.

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