Maxi Skirting into Fall


In my line of work, I encounter people that are less fortunate than I am everyday.  Yesterday two situations that hit me the most were a mom bailing her son out of trouble after he was in and out of jail.  The expression on her face stayed with me, sad and sorrowful.  I thought of my sons and of being in her shoes.  I sympathized with her suffering.  Whose mothers wouldn’t want their sons to be great?

Another couple walked in.  She was tiny.  He seemed to dominate her physically and emotionally.    The way they talked and his/her body language made me think that in a heated argument she could be flying across the walls.

Too much of that.  Today is another day.  What have you gotten this month that can carry you into fall?  I got this maxi skirt to wear now and I think I can pull on a chunky cream knits sweater with a pair of ankle boots to shake up for fall.  My whole outfit including the shoes cost me less than $45.  The color of this skirt will be pretty with the fall leaves.

Cheers to Wednesday!!🙌

Top/ Skirt/ Shoes

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