How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Any fun adventures?

My weekend was satisfying ;).   Kids played outside with the neighborhood kids all weekend long.   My Dad helped with finishing our up stair bathroom.  Everything is working now.  Just needs some decorating and ready to show off.  I on the other hands was organizing our closets, switching out winter clothes for summer.  It was tidious job but I felt good when they were done.  House work was our adventure last weekend.  I was able to also planted some flowers for the front yard.  Breathing in…it felt good.

With all the Memorial Sales, did you pick up some white dresses?  I got this dress last year at LOFT’s end season sale last year.  It is so me.  I got to show it off today.  There are some good ones on Sale now.   Some are in my cart already just waiting for me to press confirm 😎.

Photographs:  Phillip Bopp

These dresses are $75 and under
Martin Dwyer
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