April 11-19, 2017


I kept contemplating about leaving James home, our 18 months old.  Even at the last minute at the airport, I was thinking of ways to bring James with us.  I asked my husband to ease my mind, ensuring that it was the best choice not to bring him because we would be doing a lot of walking.

We missed James.  Landon wanted to go home the first night.  His eyes got teary when he spoke of James.  We checked in at Residence Candia, which was about 5 minutes walk to Cipro train station.   Our first night, we took out the neighborhood pizza at Bonci.

We took it easy on the first day.  Because of jet lag and time difference, we woke up late and did not get out of the apartment until 11 am.   Our plan got push back.  Day 3 made me so nervous that I could not sleep.  I wanted to go to Amalfi Coast from Rome.  We traveled according to the itinerary I got from Tripadvisor forum.  With all the fast train, commuter, and bus rides I worried that we would not make it.  It was such an adventure.  We almost missed our last train home from Napoli to Rome.  We headed out 6:30 that morning and did not get home until 1am.  Our itinerary below:

Day 1The Spanish Steps, Piazza Colonna, Trevi, and Campo Marzio

Day 2Sant’Eustachio, Parione & Pigna, and Piazza Navona

Day3Amalfi Coast

Day 4Colosseum

Day 5Florence, arrived to Venice early evening, overnight here.

Day 6Venice, leaving for the last train back to Rome.

Yes, we missed the Vatican, St. Peter’s, and the Sistine Chapel.  Oddly, they are right next door to where we stayed.  We did not make it.  We had the morning.  Our flight was 3:30PM.  We could have swing by, but we did not want to take that chance.  Kids were ready to go home.  There is always Next Time.


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