High Maintenance



As I get older, I feel like I have become more high maintenance.  Before, my skincare routine were just face wash, day SPF, and night moisturizers and that were all.  Along the way, I added a brightener, a Vitamin E, and now anti-aging products, eye cream, and neck decolletage.  These latter products I feel are extremely expensive.  My wallet has yet ready.  So I have been picking up some supplements at T.J.Maxx and waited for Sephora to offer 10-20% off twice a year to stock up.

Hair is another issue 🙂 It has become so dry.  I don’t know if it is more because of aging or dyeing agents. Whatever the cause, it is real.  I feel like my hair becoming less bouncy and receding lately due to childbirths.  I was able to wash and go.  Now I feel that it calls for my attention and love.  I am covering my roots every 1 and 1/2 week myself because getting an appointment to a salon with that frequency is impossible -money and time.

Have you ever feel like me?  How do you keep up?

Tran Le-84-2017Jun01 

Photographs: Phillip Bopp

Outfit: Dress: Banana Republic – In store is cheaper than online.  Shoes: Forever 21 old (Similar here) Earrings:  Mango Outlet old.  (Similar here or here)

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