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I stumbled into this app called Asana Rebel.  It is a yoga app.  What I like about it is it motivates me to resume my exercise regimens.  First excercise of the day is only 5 minutes.  If I wake up early enough, I can do another 15 minutes flow.  I have been on and off with my exercise.  With this app, I am determined to have more yoga days ahead.

I do my exercise whenever I find times {sometimes even in the bathroom stall at work-only if it has fresh air :)}  I take stairs whenever I can.  I do some stand up crunches at work’s stairways.

Last Saturday my son played baseball at a beautiful park.  Yes, I brought my mat out to do some yoga.  I held planks while watching his game.  It worked.  No-one looked at me weird, so figured I will do it again.

I think it takes a lot to firm my belly.  It has never been no matter how hard I do.  I am hopeful that if I practice yoga everyday it will help my back and tone my waistline.  Moreover it will give me the energy, flexibility, and strong 💪 -> happy mama, happy kids.

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