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6.13. 2017

I am doing all the travel packing for my family.  I pack for me and the kids.  My husband usually takes like 30 second to pack his.  It becomes difficult now that I have four kids to do.  I like to coordinate colors so that if we take family pictures they would come out clean and not so busy.  The job gets tough because the kids are wearing hand me downs so the colors and patterns are all over the place.  These are what I often do:

  1. Start Early – For example, I knew that we would be doing a lot of walking and the temperature was around 50-60 degree when we traveled to Italy so the kids were going to wear shorts and T-shirts.  I often sort through my kids clothes to see what they have and put them in baskets.
  2. Do Research on Location – This is more for me.  I want to bring something that are coordinate with the background.  Like this Cancun trip coming up, we will do some Mayan ruins and visit beautiful beaches, so I wanted to pack some breathable dresses, short and good shoes with an intention to climb the Coba ruins, and probably two sets of coordinate clothes for family pictures on the beach.  I also make sure my husband has the basic blue and white.
  3. Sort Through To Know What You Have – Packing for me is easy, but for my four boys I want them to coordinate colors so that the pictures look good.
  4. Get What Is Needed – My main goal here is to buy two sets of new coordinating outfits for my boys.
  5. Write Down the Essentials – In my experience, I feel like we always have one of our kids run a fever when traveling, so I bring Motrin and Tylenol with us.  For this Cancun trip coming up, I know we will do cenotes, so I will pack floaters for the young ones.
  6. Bring ONE favorite thing – We often surprise our boys with our travel plan.  They do not until the morning of or the afternoon when they get home from school.  We ask them to pick one of their favorite things to bring, and for my 18 months old, he will have his blankie.  My kids’ backpack often have toys, drawing pads, books, and electronic.
  7. Always Rolls – We save so much space.
  8. Pack Carryall – I pack my carryall with extra clothes for my youngest, extra diapers, snacks, water bottle, milk, and of course travel documents in here.
  9. Place Out the Night Before – I put out travel outfits.  I place backpacks, luggage, and carryall at the doorway the night before.
  10. Electronic – Charger/Battery/Camera – All charge and ready.

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