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Family Travel


6.13. 2017

I am doing all the travel packing for my family.  I pack for me and the kids.  My husband usually takes like 30 second to pack his.  It becomes difficult now that I have four kids to do.  I like to coordinate colors so that if we take family pictures they would come out clean and not so busy.  The job gets tough because the kids are wearing hand me downs so the colors and patterns are all over the place.  These are what I often do:

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High Maintenance



As I get older, I feel like I have become more high maintenance.  Before, my skincare routine were just face wash, day SPF, and night moisturizers and that were all.  Along the way, I added a brightener, a Vitamin E, and now anti-aging products, eye cream, and neck decolletage.  These latter products I feel are extremely expensive.  My wallet has yet ready.  So I have been picking up some supplements at T.J.Maxx and waited for Sephora to offer 10-20% off twice a year to stock up.

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