In high school you would see me sporting a sandy knitted maxi dress with an oversize striped blazer or a cropped jean with green floral silk top when none in school wore cropped jeans or maxi dresses. Those were days when my parents came home with bags of second hand clothes from the church.

I love fashion and playing dress up. I admire material of luxury pieces. I attract to detailed items that are different from the basic. They are not in my closet though. I live sensibly because I have other priorities. I have built a habit of purchasing off season items and sale on top of sale. My personal mantra though is to conquer this quote from Vivienne Westwood to “buy less, choose well.”

I am a mother of four boys. They are my priority. I am holding a full-time job and attending a master program. You can see the craziness, but my family is spontaneous and adventurous. This blog is about me collecting beautiful moments- hopefully in style.